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A Word From Pastor Shirley

New Manna Christian School. Each word is important to us. School reminds us that a strong academic program is a necessity for our students to survive in this 21st century. Secondly, the word “Christian” reminds us that we strive to see things through the lens of the Holy Scriptures, and that we strive to make sure every student that passes through our doors comes to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The name New Manna reminds us that we must continually consider the importance of our testimony in the eyes of the citizens of Marion and McDowell County.


We truly hope to be the kind of institution that brings pleasure and glory to God, and is a blessing and help to the families that God sees fit to allow us to serve. We are "serving the Lord with gladness.” God bless.

Pastor Tony Shirley,     Lam. 3:22

nmcs staff-24.jpg

NMCS Administrator

Bro. Greg Ewing

We would like to introduce Bro. Greg Ewing. He joined New Manna Christian School last year as our High School English teacher. Bro. Ewing comes to us with an extensive background in Christian Education. With roles as administrator, teacher, and counselor, we believe he is going to do a great job as our new Administrator. 

Please feel free to reach out to him throughout the year as his door is always open and he is ready and able to help.

High School Principal

Elementary Principal

nmcs staff-20.jpg

Aaron Wagner

nmcs staff-15.jpg

Meredith Elliott

Meet Our Teachers and Staff

nmcs staff-10.jpg
Jen Wagner


nmcs staff-12.jpg
Michelle Sailors

2nd Grade

nmcs staff-15.jpg
Meredith Elliott


nmcs staff-18.jpg
Amanda Stacy

3rd Grade

nmcs staff-11.jpg
Nikki McDaniel

1st Grade

nmcs staff-17.jpg
Allyson Kelly

4th Grade

nmcs staff-21.jpg
Abigail Smith

5th Grade

nmcs staff-22.jpg
Carly Davis

6th Grade

nmcs staff-13.jpg
Charlie Tinsley

Jr / High School

nmcs staff-19.jpg
Teresa Krause

Jr / High School

nmcs staff-25.jpg
Matt McDaniel

Jr / High School

nmcs staff-23.jpg
Roy Rodriguez

Jr / High School

nmcs staff-14.jpg
Melissa Ewing

Jr / High School

nmcs staff-9.jpg

Megan Walker

Office Assistant

nmcs staff-29.jpg
Cindi Kidd


nmcs staff-28.jpg

Karsen Shirley


nmcs staff-27.jpg

Dottie Demick


nmcs staff-8.jpg

Louann Styles

Office Administrator

nmcs staff-26.jpg

Bethany Davis


nmcs staff-16.jpg

Laura Nanney

Pre-school Assistant

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