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Sports at NMCS

Student athletes at New Manna Christian School (NMCS) have the opportunity to participate in sports programs such as soccer, baseball, volleyball, and boys' and girls' basketball.  Cheerleading is also available for all female students.  Christian morals and Biblical principles are still adhered to within the realm of all sports at NMCS. 

In years past, our teams have done very well in statewide competitions against other members of the North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA).

Sports Offered

JV and Varsity Girl's Volleyball

Boy's Soccer

JV and Varsity Girl's Basketball

JV and Varsity Boy's Basketball



Elementary Cheer


Allyson Kelly - Varsity Girl's Volleyball

Kara Stafford - JV Girl's Volleyball

Charlie Tinsley - Boy's Soccer

Colby Davis - JV Girl's Basketball

Curtis Styles - Varsity Girl's Basketball

Nick Kelly - JV Boy's Basketball

Charlie Gardin - Varsity Boy's Basketball

Aaron Wagner - Varsity Baseball



J.V. Team: 7th-10th grades

Head coach: Kara Stafford

Asst. coach: Adaya Helton

Varsity Team: 9th-12th grades

Head coach: Allyson Kelly

Asst. coach: Kristen Styles


Volleyball Schedule

Boy's Soccer

Info about basketball and each team will go here. Schedule download or standings etc


Varsity Team: 7th-12th grades

Head coach: Charlie Tinsley


Lower Elementary Cheer: Pre-K -1st

Head Coach: Kim Greene

Upper Elementary Cheer 2nd-5th

Head Coach: Hope Hudgins

Varsity Cheer 6th - 12th

Head Coach: Hope Hudgins

Assistant Coach: Michelle Husbands

Girl's Basketball


J.V. Team: 7th-10th grades

Head coach: Colby Davis

Assistant coach: Curtis Styles

Varsity Team: 7th-12th grades

Head coach: Curtis Styles 

Assistant coach: Colby Davis

2018-2019: Record 

Boy's Basketball

J.V. Team: 7th-10th grades

Head coach: Nick Kelly

Varsity Team: 7th-12th grades

Head coach: Charlie Gardin 

Assistant coach: Aaron Wagner



Varsity Team: 7th-12th grades

Head coach: Aaron Wagner

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