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NMCS 2020

Let me start by first of all thanking you for all you do to make NMCS possible.  We realize that we would have no reason for existence, nor could we function, if it were not for parents who believe in Christian Education and are willing to sacrifice to have your children in it.  With that being said, we come to that part of the year that we have to ask you again to help us.  It is NMCS Walk-a-thon time!!! Please take note of the following information and help us all that you can.  We really appreciate and thank you in advance for your help


New Manna Christian School is not government funded so we use tuition and this fundraiser to help with our financial budget, this includes educating our staff and classroom needs.  Every staff member is required to participate in raising the money and those that are able, in walking.  We encourage each student to assist their teacher in raising their classroom goal of $680, this will help our school raise a total of $12,500.  Elementary teachers will be able to use the students in their classroom to help achieve their goal and high school teachers will use their homeroom class.  Your child’s teacher will be sending home a letter or email stating the plan for their individual classes. There are two ways for people to donate, giving a flat donation or donation per mile, with a maximum of 10 miles.    


School will begin as a normal day and we will start walking our 2 mile track, that has already been mapped out, around 9 am. This does count as a normal school day, dismissing at 11:00am OR when your child’s class or group finishes their walk.  We are asking that all parent/volunteers and students dress in PE attire for the day, and this includes long loose ball shorts to the knee and an appropriate t shirt.  Students should wear an NMCS t shirt if available.  Please make sure your child wears comfortable tennis shoes for the walking.  We will provide bottled water and snacks for the event, but your child can pack snacks and drinks as well.  Again, thank you for all you do for our school, and God bless you.    


Aaron Wagner


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