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Compassion Makes A Difference

* This was a session from our 2018 Staff Orientation

Hello there, I hope everyone is having a GREAT day. I wanted to let you know of a blessing that happened to me as I was reading John 4 this morning. I have a Bible from 2002, and while reading in John 4, I came across some notes that I had taken from a message John Bishop preached on

Compassion. John Bishop was a preacher that contracted meningitis. If you have not heard of him, please google his life story, it will definitely encourage you. Compassion and Love are closely related but differ in my mind. I feel like when I love my students, ministry, spouse, family, etc., I can tell them that I love them, but when I am compassionate about those things, people will see it in me.

Compassion does 4 things:

1. Moves (Gospel of Luke)

Compassion moved our Heavenly Father to make a way of salvation, after His creation sinned against Him. Our compassion ought to move us to teach and influence others with 100% of ourselves.

2. Motivates (John 4)

Compassion motivated the woman at the well to bring others back to the Christ that gave her living water. It ought to motivate us to not just teach and influence academically, but spiritually to help make our students better Christians.

3. Manifests (1John 3:1)

People ought to see our compassion for Christ, for our school, for our subjects, and for themselves manifested in our lives

4. Makes (Jude 22)

Some having compassion, making a difference. Our goal is that our students and their parents see our compassion for Christ and our school, and that we are able to make a difference in someone's life.

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