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NMCS sophomores serve the community

On Thursday, September 7 the sophomores of New Manna Christian school volunteered to serve at the Marion Police Department by washing their vehicles. NMCS has an elective for sophomores and juniors, taught by Matt McDaniel, called 'The Servant Leadership' class. It is designed to help students understand that leadership isn't necessarily about having a position, it's about influence. We want them to recognize the value of their influence and the importance of having a servant's heart. Throughout the course of the semester, they are given the chance to display their initiative by formulating ways to help serve the community and working together as a team to fulfill their plan. Leadership principles are discussed within the classroom's curriculum and challenge the student's perception and preparation as potential leaders. These students are given the opportunity to get outside of the classroom a couple of times a month to help fulfill their project agenda. This includes serving our local shelters, taking encouragement baskets to the residents of nursing homes, assisting elderly shut-ins, and volunteering by any means possible to be a help in the community. The desire of our administration is for these young people to realize the significance and the success that is embodied in being a servant. Jesus said in Mark 10:44, "And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all."

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