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Elementary Chapel: K5 – 5th Grade

Every Wednesday morning at 9:30 our elementary classes meet together in our school cafeteria for a time of games, singing, and the preaching of God’s Word.  We try to create an exciting atmosphere that will generate a desire for God’s Word.  The desired effect of these services, are not only to provide biblical instruction to each student, but also to influence their hearts and lives for eternity.  


High School Chapel: 6th – 12th Grade

Each Wednesday morning at 11:00 our junior high and high school students assemble in the auditorium of New Manna Baptist Church.  We begin with games that allow the student body to rival one another, in a spirit of friendly competition.  Once the games conclude, we enjoy a time of congregational singing and special music.  The most important part of our chapel services is the preaching time.  We try and approach each chapel service as an opportunity for God to do a lasting work in the hearts of our young people.  Often at the conclusion of a message, teens will come forward and use the altar to make life-changing decisions for the Lord.  

Chapel Messages

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